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Love is our Resistance
They'll keep us apart, they won't stop breaking us down


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Hello peeps !
My name is Durga Devi Bhattacharjee but everyone calls me DEVI!!!
currently in 4L2 . (:
15 years old .
first cry on 19/11/1995 ♥
if u r nice to me...i will be nice to u.
if u wanna pick a fight den...BRING IT ON!!!
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey! i have already changed my blogskin and all! yay!!!!heheh.....thanks to anna for choosing my blogskin for me. :) i will update as much as i can and try not to make my blog look dead! :D thats all. sorry if it is just a short post! will update soon! <3


♥our lips must always be sealed
12:59 AM

Friday, August 5, 2011

hey peeps! im back! omg!!! my blog has been dead for quite sometime now. so, i am here to just make sure that i update my half-dead blog! hahahah! kk. the problem i have now is that no matter what, i keep falling for the same person over and over again. what does this mean? its like the 3rd time i have fallen for him alrdy. :/ He has already asked me to be his prom but i really dunno wat to say. im scared to be hurt again... :( nowdays, its hard to know if the guy is good or bad. they may seem good but we gals dunno their behind motive. haix...i cnnt assume that all guys are the same but i dun wan history to repeat itself. nvm, im going to end my post here. i will update if there is anything! bye! ;) <3<3<3

♥our lips must always be sealed
6:20 AM

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey peeps! see those pictures up thr? i was bored on sunday so i had a mini camwhore! hahaha! i kept taking pictures and deleting it! only some i saved. anw, i was rotting at home ytd. today i had p.e and i swear i feel like KILLING THAT MISS FIONA TAN!!! she keeps making the class to play that stupid rubber ball! so irrits la sia! but i would rather play that ball game den to run in that damn field. anw, tmr thr will be another lesson of p.e and the day after tmr thr will also be another p.e lesson! OMG! 3 P.E LESSONS IN A ROW! fuck this shit la! so0 damn tiring. dunno which idiot go and arrange the timetable. -..-...okok. im gonna end my post here. i didnt wanna let my blog be half dead so updating it would make it more alive! hahah! k lame...bye! <3

PS: The reason i put that picture with the loser sign is coz i dun wanna meet another loser/ jerk again. i just hate having to go through the same thing everytime. thanks. k...bye!


♥our lips must always be sealed
4:43 AM

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey peeps! Today i went to bugis with Claudette and we went to shop for dress. well, i started the day by waiting for dette for abt 1 HOUR!!! im nt gonna forgive claudette on that. the picture i post above is the dress we bought for the THRLLER outing. im really looking forward to it. i didnt post the picture that shows the whole dress is coz i wanna keep the dress a mystery until the outing. as u cn c, my dress is PINK!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah! anw, today i had a awesomely great time shopping with dette. hahah! Scandal day. Yi xuan could not make it but nvm. ohh....and also, i bought a shoe that goes along with the dress. hah...kk. im gonna end my post here. loveyoualllots! bye! :) <3

♥our lips must always be sealed
6:59 AM

Sunday, May 8, 2011

my topic!
Hey peeps! see those pictures above? i did it using cameroid application and edited the middle picture using photoscape. :) nice? nice? hahahah! k....ytd i wen to rp with zul. i guess he nt yet upoaded the pictures. i miss my darling cadys. nvm. i will get to see them tmr coz we will be going to bugis to find clothes. the problem now is that idk if my mum has enough money or nt. i have to ask her. i think i better start saving up soon.


well! today is mothers' day! i wished my mum at 1201a.m wen midnight strike wit a very tight hug. heheh. all i can say is that my mum is the most awesome person in my life! she is my best friend, my sister, my girlfriend and she is my mother! the best part is that we rarely fight. hahah! i love you so much mummy! i m going to make her a card for mother's day! here it is.

Next big thing!

the next big thing is my dad's birthday! he is also another awesome person in my life! i will be making a card for hym. i hope he will like it. he always tells me that it is the thought that counts. its very true. okok...c how mischievious i m up thr? hahah! i was disturbing my dad ah. i will update again on his birthday. so if u wanna knw hw my dads birthday card looks like...u must wait till 26 may wen i upload on my dad's bithday.


i knw this picture is epic! but we are still damn cute! hahah! we used cameroid to take tis photo. look at all our faces.....arghh! so cute! hee...kk...im gonna end my post here. bye!

♥our lips must always be sealed
12:12 AM

Friday, May 6, 2011

today is the worst day i can ever imagine it to be. i saw the person i like boarding the bus with another girl. DAMN YOU RITE! i thought u were a different kind of person. haix... :/ i saw you coming out from school and my heart beat really very fast. i saw the girl whom i dunno where the fcuk she is from and she kept smiling at you. i damn rite know that u knew i was beside her...DUHHHH! U CAN SEE ME RITE?! OH....OR MAYBE YOU JUST DUN NOTICE ME ANYMORE. honestly, my heart broke the moment u boarded the bus with that girl. i dun even think u even cared how i felt lor. ass! _|_ im really sry but i will be ignoring u frm nw on. i dun care if ur frenz tease me or nt. btw, thanks fr all the SWEET messages dude. go ahead with ur damn girl. bye! to my dearest frens who r reading this...especially cadys, i will be happy. dun wry. this kind of things wun really stop me frm being happy. oh ya...btw, i controlled my tears until claudette gave me a hug. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING SHED MY TEARS FOR YOU! also, and yet again..im hurt. freak!!! _|_ i will move on. bye!


♥our lips must always be sealed
4:05 AM

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hey peeps! see those pictures up there? i took them yesterday while studying. i know...why am i not studying instead...i studied but i took a break so i took some pictures. heheh....i think im gonna be a geek whenever im in class or studying. haha! I LOVE BEING A GEEK! hehe. <3 moinkmoink! anw, my day today was quite well...i went home straight after eating lunch with Claudette since my mum have yet to cook. :) ok...im gonna end my post here. anw, im sorry that all my post font are all black. there is something wrong with my blog or computer that i cannot put colour for my text. take care peeps! bye! <3

♥our lips must always be sealed
2:11 AM